No, it’s not just about dating or networking here, it’s about finding your tribe.

Remember! We are not just another social app, we help you hangout for Real!
You are JUST A CLICK AWAY from planning your next adventure.

We assist you in discovering everything you are looking it people or places.

Truly being your ultimate socializing app , AMIGOS captures the essence of modern socializing and adding more amazing things for you to do.

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About Amigos

  • Are you looking for a place to relish some savouring treats or enjoy an ecstatic house party in a hillstation or a foot-tapping concert or a historic play and at the same time finding folks your wavelengths resonate with? Picture that feeling stating " I Belong Here! "

  • YES! That’s no longer a flight of fancy because through AMIGOS, we bring that to life ! Because anywhere you maybe…A delighting event and a meaningful social circle is what we all deserve :)

  • Here, we hang out, host and enjoy; the funky events organized nearest to us ! Why be in a boring company; when wildness lies in the unknown!!

  • Now, you won’t have to wait for sundays to make plans and meet your friends as your new friends are just a click away from you!

  • What’s more interesting is that you are provided with the option to choose/join/host events of purely your interest! Be it a small outing to the nearest or the farthest location, it can be arranged at any time, any place of your absolute choice.

  • We know that cultivating local relationships in the world of social media can be tough, But then…We are there for you!

  • We help you Explore yourself and the world near you.

  • We are based in Mumbai, Made by a young super-driven squad of impassioned technological enthusiasts who are there for users to step up and spice up your social life.

"AMIGOS is all about finding more Amigos like you! Discover the squad you can trust upon!"


Powerful Features As Always

Rate Your Event

Rejoiced an event? Like them to leave feedbacks.

Host an Event

Host an event of your interest! Let your adrenaline rush take you places

Join an Event

All your adventures - Be it fun treks or parties; All your interests are ranging in our list.

Have Unlimited chats

Send countless messages and have unlimited chats with your Amigos.

Go in a pair

Go in a solo pair with individuals of your choice

Find Your Amigo Tribe

Based on your event preference, you can even go in a huge group

Hide Your Timeline

Don’t want someone your old events to be seen? Hide them from your profile for your privacy!

Cancel in Emergency

In case of emergencies, you can cancel your events too.


Download The App

You are a click away from meeting new people, making fun plans and joining exciting events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i create/host an Event?

Creating an event is easy through the add event option provided in our home screen option.

You've to click it.

Fill the form of requirements of Title, Description, Date-Time, and select who can view/join/pay and finally create the event.It will appear in public or Amigos section.

Make sure to describe the following-

  1. Who will be the types of people ,who’d like to join?
  2. Why? We know you’ll be doing exciting things but make sure to mention those so that no one misses out!
  3. What to expect from your event?

How do i invite friends?

When you are using the app through android/IOS , you’ll get an option to:-

  1. Go directly to your group section or click on search events.
  2. Tap on ‘share’ and click Invite friends’

How can i control who will join?

  1. Go directly to your group section.
  2. You can edit the ‘group settings’ and make it a ‘private group’
  3. If it is a 'Private' event, you can click on join and it will show 'Requested'

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